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Arihant Group

As one of the reputed builders in West Bengal since 1997, Arihant Group has built an unshakable reputation for quality, efficiency, trust and meticulous planning.

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Since 1997

Over the years Arihant Group has created a versatile mix of projects that caters to all segments of society from Luxury to Premium to Economic

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From Mr. Pradip Kumar Jain

From the Desk Of Our Chairman

Let me start with a very motivational thought that guides me throughout my life. "The aim of every man should be to secure the highest and most harmonious development of his powers to a complete and consistent whole." My dream of foundation of Arihant Group is to take it to the height of achievement in the field we operate and since 2000 we have been progressively growing from our team of highly motivated & professional staff to a long list of satisfied clients. With each new project that we complete, with each quality service that we render to our valued clients, we excel at every scale & type. We have an admirable track record, a solid experience and a proven strength on delivery norms. Across India, Arihant Group's wide range of projects boost growth in economies and improve the quality of life of thousands of people. All this has enabled Arihant Group to become a name that is intimately entwined into the development of India.

Over the two decades of experience Arihant Group has developed a reputation for undertaking residential & commercial projects and completing them in timely manner. Our aim is to continue our focus on performance and project execution in order to maximize client satisfaction. Our approach to business is to understand our clients' needs and always act in their interest, as a result, we have an excellent record in client satisfaction and are proud of our long lasting relationship with our clients. Projects built by Arihant Group stand as living testimonies but we believe that today's solutions will not be adequate for tomorrow, so our insatiable quest for innovations continues.

Another objective of our organization is to become a better citizen of the society before becoming World's best real estate development company. We should be careful in looking at the welfare of every staff members and labourer for it is they who construct our structures brick by brick.

Let me take the opportunity to thanks you all for the patronage and we reestablish our commitment to fulfill the dreams of millions and set new benchmarks in our stated sphere of activity and influence.

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